Review: Choc Gose

It is summertime again, and nothing goes better with a pool and 90 degree temperatures than a nicely chilled Gose. Now a very trendy style in the craft beer world, Choc was on the vanguard of the style’s recent resurgence. When Choc first released this brew in 750 ml bottles several years ago, there were only a handful of examples of the style available. Now there are dozens of different recipes from around the country. Available now in a 12 oz bottle. The light citrus body and low alcohol make this your perfectly drinkable summer jam.  If only they would put it in cans so that you can bring it to the lake!

Company: Choc Beer Company

Location: Krebs, OK

ABV: 4%

Style/Description: Gose Malt Beverage Brewed With Coriander

Price: $9 (4-pack)

Appearance: Pours cloudy copper straw, with light head and lace. Fizzy rising bubbles dissipate quickly.

Nose: Tart aroma, lemony citrus, orange peel and herbaceous coriander. Some light funky barnyard and bit of the salt comes out in the nose.

Taste: Light and fizzy mouthfeel, crisp and dry. Gripping lemon and grapefruit tartness are balanced a bit by the saltiness and light wheat flavors. I’m not getting much of the coriander promised by the label and the nose, but there are some spicy vegetal notes hiding behind the citrus tart. The interplay of the tart, salt and light funk is interesting, and makes the Gose style a welcome addition to the craft beer palette. The light body and refreshing fruitiness result in a great and quaffable summer treat.

Finish: The light body and acidic tart finish clean, with the mouth watering. Light lingering lemon peel.

Overall: I love the style, and Choc has really nailed it. I think they’ve tweaked the recipe for the better. It seems to me that the tartness has been ramped up and the salt dialed down. The salt is still present, but seems to accent the other flavors rather than stand out on its own. I’ll be drinking quite a few of these while they last.

Rating: 4/5


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