Review: Anthem Upper 90 Pale Ale

Until the new laws take over, breweries can only serve 3.2% ABW beers at the site of production. On the upside, many of the local brewers have taken up the challenge and offer 3.2 brews exclusively at their breweries.  We have just such a beer today, from the folks at Anthem.  They were good enough to sit down with Kris and I the other day, let us see the brewery and have a few beers (Editor’s note: you can check that visit out here).  I took home a couple of their 3.2 offerings in growlers. Anthem has a nice selection of merch and growlers, all being very inexpensive.  My 32 oz growlers were $4 for the glass bottle and $6 for the fill.  Cheap!

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 4% ABV, 3.2% ABW

Style/Description: Pale Ale

Price: $4 for 32 oz growler, $6 for fill

Appearance: Pours clear copper straw, with light head and lace.  Fizzy rising bubbles.  Head and lace don’t hang around.

Nose: Nice hops on the nose, some fruits and light florals.  Slightly grassy, some citrus.  I’m guessing Cascade hops?

Taste: Quite a bit going on here for a low point beer.  Some lightly bitter resins balanced with citrus peel and maybe a bit of tropical fruits and peaches.  Some woodiness, with pine and grassiness.  Light mouth,fizzy carb, refreshing and drinkable.

Finish: Dry with a lingering resinous hop finish.

Overall: Nice effort from Anthem, pleasantly surprised by this low point option.  Packed with hops, but remains light and drinkable.  This will be a go-to session beer for me, I’ll definitely be stopping by the downtown Anthem Brewery again.  Maybe for a 64 oz growler next time.

Rating: 3.5/5


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