Review: Mustang Tractor Therapy IPA

Our first review from Mustang, one of the breweries from the first wave in the OK craft beer renaissance. I enjoy a good session IPA, and have happily been enjoying the mighty All Day IPA from Founders since it has been available here in Oklahoma. I look forward to reviewing some of the other brews in their seasonal Unbridled Series. As fall looms near, I’ll be picking up that Sweet Potato Porter soon, and hopefully they’ll be bottling that peanut butter milk stout as well.

Company: Mustang Brewing Co.

Location: Brewed In Krebs, OK

ABV: 4.8% ABV

Style/Description: Session India Pale Ale

Price: $9 (6-pack)

Appearance: Pours a cloudy copper, tons of quickly rising bubbles. Gushed out of the bottled when I opened it, and foam filled the glass despite a gentle pour. Giant fluffy foamy head and lacing, sticky head retention.

Nose: Moderate hops on the nose, grassy honey notes. Some mild resins, and bitter CO2 waft out.

Taste: The hops come in with citrus flavors, orange and grapefruit peel, lemony zest. Some mild piney resins and woody oaky tones. Malts are light, crisp grains and toast. The John Deere colors on the label are not a coincidence, this really reminds me of a hayfield or a freshly mowed lawn. Thin body and hops are overwhelmed by the massive carbonation. Way over the top, the carbonation really distracts from the flavor with a bitter CO2 bite. It fizzes all over the tongue, even with a 10 or 15 minute rest after pouring.

Finish: Crisp finish, some lingering resinous hops and harsh CO2 on the back of the throat.

Overall: I feel like this is a decent session IPA that is severely harmed by massive over carbonation. I tried several of these in my six pack, and all had the same gushing carb problems. It is a bit better once the head calms down, but I feel like this was a missed opportunity for Oklahoma’s first widely available session IPA. I hope that this batch was mistakenly over carbonated and will improve in future batches as I love a good low ABV IPA!

Rating: 2/5


One thought on “Review: Mustang Tractor Therapy IPA

  1. Apparently, that overly-foamy nature seems to be the way this beer is made. I just opened my first bottle of one, barely poured any into the glass (and gently so), and the entire glass instantly filled with foam.

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