Review: 405 Brewing Company ESP

Great! A peach fruit tart ale 750 for under $10? I’m on board. I love that 405 is brewing interesting and tasty beers and managing to keep the price low. When there are $12 12 oz bottles on the shelf it’s nice to see a local 750 ml option for $9 or less. I never thought I’d see a sour peach farmhouse beer in Norman, but here we are. Let’s crack it!

Company: 405 Brewing Company

Location: Norman, OK

ABV: 7%

Style/Description: Farmhouse Style Tart Ale with Peaches Added

Price: $8.50 (750ml)

Appearance: Crystal clear light copper pour, moderate head and clinging lace. Very attractive rising bubbles.

Nose: The aroma is all peaches, sweet and juicy. A light hint of earthiness, and tart stone fruits. Smells a lot like apricots, I would have guessed this was an apricot beer from the aroma.

Taste: Good peach flavor with enough tartness to keep the fruit from cloying. Light body, crisp and dry. Not a lot in the way of funk, but a bit of earthiness and tangy bite. Some beery malts come through as the beer warms and the fruit fades a bit.

Finish: There’s not much fruit on the finish, but a pleasantly crisp beery finish with some lingering tartness.

Overall: I always enthused to get another beer from our friends at 405 and it’s great to get another fruited beer after their delicious Grapefruit Sour. This is a tasty and refreshing brew, you know you’re drinking a fruited beer, but it absolutely does not taste artificial and at no point does it become cloying. I’ll be cellaring one to see if it funks up a little bit more, but another solid offering from Norman’s brewery.

Rating: 3.5/5



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