Review: Hooker’s House 

Hooker’s House Sonoma-Style Bourbon is named for General Joseph Hooker.  Besides being a ladies man, he was also a Civil War Veteran and Bourbon aficionado.

“The bold and spicy character of our Whiskeys is matched by the General’s sometimes outrageous and overindulging lifestyle. General Hooker Lives on in Hooker’s House Bourbon, Rye, Reserve & Privates Select Whiskeys.” –

This is made with a high-rye, single barrel Bourbon from Kentucky then finished in Pinot Noir barrels in California for 9 months. To get to the desired proof it’s blended with Sonoma spring water.

Company: Prohibition Spirits

Distillery: Prohibition Spirits

Location: Sonoma, CA

Mash Bill: 54 % corn, 46 % rye

Age: 6 years

ABV: 50% (100 proof)

Released: Ongoing

Price: $40

Color: Auburn Lady.

Nose: Cherry, oak, funky fruit, rye.

Taste: Rich flavor, brown sugar, lots of cherry syrup, vanilla bean, rye, dark chocolate.

Finish: Lots of cherry on the finish, not a lot of heat, just a bit of burn on your tongue and some warmth in your throat.

Overall: The balance is done nicely, you can really taste the rye, but it’s not overpowering and evened out with fruity sweetness. I’m glad they used a high rye Bourbon, in my opinion, a Bourbon with less rye would be overpowered by sweetness.  The richness from the Pinot Noir barrels seems to add some nice depth and cherry syrup-like flavor.

The price point isn’t too bad either, all in all, a nice whiskey, very sippable. Maybe you could convert some of your wine loving friends with this one.

Rating: 3/5


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