Oktoberfest Showdown

So it’s December, we know, but we didn’t get around to writing up any local Octoberfest beers when they hit the shelves, so better late than never right? These beers made for great companions while watching this year’s OU/OSU game.

COOP ALE WORKS Oktoberfest

Long available seasonally on draft only, the classic COOP Oktoberfest has made it to cans this year. A flavorful and easy drinking beer, makes a nice addition to college football or raking up those leaves in my backyard.

Company: COOP Ale Works

Location: Brewed In Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 5.6% ABV

Style/Description: Märzen/Oktoberfest

Price: $2.50 per 16 oz can

Appearance: Clean and clear copper pour, light head quickly dissipates. Very slight lace.

Nose: Beery, with sweet caramel and toasted grains. Sugary and bready, with hints of florals.

Taste: Toasted biscuit malts and bready thickness, caramelized sugars and buttery creaminess.   Velvety plush mouthfeel, chewy and coating, slightly sticky on the palate. Lightest hints of noble hops, very mild perfume and florals.

Finish: Crisp finish, lightly lingering buttery malts.

Overall: Maybe not the COOP brew that I’ll reach for first, I’m glad that Oktoberfest made it into the canning regimen. Sweet and light, a very drinkable brew.

Rating: 3/5

ANTHEM Brewing Co. Ogletoberfest

It’s certainly not uncommon to see a collaboration between two breweries, but it’s a little more unusual to see one between a brewery and a blog. While Anthem has been bringing Oklahoma tasty craft brews, The Lost Ogle has been bringing Oklahoma hard hitting journalism with a healthy dose of sarcasm and satire.

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 5.5% ABV

Style/Description: Vienna Style Lager

Price: $2 for 12 oz can

Appearance: Pours a cloudy copper, ruby, with robust fluffy white head. Rising bubbles and long lasting foamy head and sticky lace.

Nose: Toasty, bready malts and low fruity esters on the nose.  Some buttery graininess.

Taste: Pleasant sweet malts lead off, toasted caramel and fresh baked bread. Biscuity, with mild sweetness like a sugar cookie. Faint but present strawberry sweetness. Mouthfeel is thick and sticky, creamy low carb, perfect for the style.

Finish: Sticky and a tiny bit phlegmy, long lingering cookie finish.

Overall: Nice lager here from Anthem, balanced while still being interesting, but not so thick that I tired of drinking it.

Rating: 3.5/5


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