Review: Knob Creek Small Batch

“As a result of prohibition, Americans developed a taste for softer whiskies, rather than the long-aged, big-flavored straight bourbons of the past. This is what motivated Booker Noe. He didn’t want just another “run of the mill” new bourbon. When Booker fathered the small batch movement over two decades ago, he created Knob Creek to […]

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2016 Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit

I have to start this post by simply saying that Oklahoma is damn lucky to have a group of people like the one I saw tonight. Every single speaker, brewer, bar owner/manager, and casual onlooker has such an obvious and contagious passion for this state and the craftsmanship behind the beer that is produced here. That passion […]

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Review: Yellowstone Select

Back in November I received a sample of the Yellowstone Limited Edition and wrote it up, so if you are interested in my lazy attempt at explaining the history of the Yellowstone brand (as well as my thoughts on that expression), you can check that out. I’ll wait here why you do so… Welcome back! […]

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Review: COOP Territorial Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (and some COOP updates)

Barrels and Mash recently hung out with Eric and Jeff from COOP and got to hear about all the great updates from the brewery, including the release of their newest Territorial Reserve Barleywine, unavailable now for several years. The base recipe is the same as the 2012 batch, and per Eric the recipe includes “probably a ton […]

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