Review: Maker’s Mark

I’ve been on a huge beer kick lately (Beer is booming in Oklahoma if you haven’t noticed), so this is a great Bourbon to get me back in the Bourbon review game. I’ve actually never owned or opened a bottle of Maker’s until this point. And, we actually went to the distillery a few years ago! Ha.  Who knew is was a twist top?!? Not me! (Not gonna lie…Slightly disappointed by that.) Kris did review the Cask Strength, but honestly I’ve never opened it. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ You can find his review here.

It’s not that I meant to ignore Maker’s for so long, but it’s the normal go-to Bourbon for a lot of people AND there are so many other things to try. Sorry, Maker’s! Let’s see what you have to offer.

Company: Beam Suntory

Distillery: Maker’s Mark Distillery

Location: Loretto, KY

Mash bill: 70% corn/16% wheat/ 14% malted barley

Age: NAS (5 to 6 years per the distillery)

ABV: 45% (90 proof)

Released: Ongoing

Price: $28

Color: Honey Blonde

Nose: Apples in your face, slight caramel, light nose, you can sniff it all day with no burn. Little floral cherry as it opens up.

Taste: Slighty bitter as first but easy to sip and mellows out sweetly. We’ve got some caramel, a bit of earthiness, some slight spice, and a bit of lemon to round everything out. The balance is fairly decent.

Finish: Bitter lemon finish with a little bit of heat on your tongue. Overall, light finish.

Overall:  I see why this is such a popular Bourbon, it’s easy to drink, it comes at a decent price, plus you can’t beat that lovely red wax top.

Maker’s goes for a certain flavor profile, so they blend their bottles to create the flavor they’re looking for, hello! I can get on board with that, though it bothers some people. A higher alcohol content would help this a lot in my opinion. Which they’ve started to do by offering some other Bourbons in their family. FYI: Kris has talked about the Cask Strength and will talk about some other’s later. Spoiler alert!

Side note: Since, I wrote this review at 10 in the morning, I totally poured the rest of my Maker’s in my coffee. Mmmmm, better than artificial caramel creamer. But, tastes similar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rating: 3/5


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