Review: Elmer T. Lee

Elmer T. Lee does get shipped to Oklahoma, but somehow it has managed to evade us…until now. Good thing I’ve got friends in high places, well, geographically more north than me anyway. I ended up trading one of my paintings for this Bourbon and a couple of Cantillons. So, it’s quite the win/win situation. Thanks, […]

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Dolin Vermouth Showdown

I was shopping for some Vermouth for my Manhatthan addiction a while back and saw these three lovely little Dolin vermouths just sitting in a row waiting to be bought.  I thought to myself, hello brain! Let’s buy some and see which one I like better in a Manhattan. Makes sense right? Well, it does […]

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Review: Kentucky Vintage

We’ve reviewed a handful of things from Willett, so when I saw this the other day in Texas, I had to purchase it just out of curiosity. Plus, it’s fairly cheap. Feast your peepers on some of our other Kentucky Bourbon Distiller/ Willett reviews here! Side note: This bottle was incredibly hard to open. I […]

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Review: Booker’s Rye

I’m not sure how to start this one other than by saying that I’m nervous. I’ve never been nervous while writing a review, and to be honest it’s not a great feeling. It’s early on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting on a comfy couch, the dogs are sleeping on the floor, and Kate is reading a book while relaxing […]

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