Barrels and Mash Survey Series: Vanessa House

The dudes at Vanessa House have been busy. Really busy. They just released their first beer, 401k Cream Ale, which means they are constantly doing events to promote the new brand. They’ve also been written about in almost every local magazine and news site. They’ve obviously been on our radar for a while, but we didn’t want to go the same route of all the other guys and talk about their history, why the first beer is called 401k, and all that stuff. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but it’s been done about 10 times already. So since we had so much fun with our first Survey Series, we decided that we would do another, but this time with all the guys from Vanessa house.

Before we get into it, let’s talk about where where you can find these guys and their beer. They’ll be pouring 401K at the 1-year-anniversary party at Chae tonight (October 16th, 6pm).  They will also be at The Root on October 19th (starting at 6pm). There will be live music and a special co-branded glass. On Thursday October 20th, there will be pint nights at both Pub W locations at 6pm. This will be the last time you can get the special commemorative 401k glass.  401k is on tap at various bars around the state, and is should be available in 4-packs at your favorite liquor store.

Alright, get settled in and get ready to learn the important things about the 5 Vanessa House dudes.

The Men

The Questions

Who is your favorite villain and why?

Andrew: Eddie Brock Venom. Venom in general is in my top 5 favorite characters of all time. As the symbiote has changed host Venom hasn’t always been a villain, but the original incarnation was fantastic. The unbridled rage of being rejected the symbiote had coupled with Eddie Brock’s misplaced feelings of being wronged by the world, Peter Parker specifically is something I can totally relate to. More so the rejection part. Also, he just looks badass.

Evan: Wile E. Coyote. I always felt sorry for him. He was just trying to keep the food web going.

Justin: Probably my favorite is Boba Fett. He was such a enigmatic character. That was what was cool about him. He also some menacing armor. What also makes him my favorite is when Vader specifically looks and points at him and says, “No disintegration”. Classic!

Nick: Idris Elba as Stringer Bell in the wire. He’s just way too cool! And what drug dealers do you know that are going to community college for business so that they can run their drug empire more efficiently!? And Tony Montana because Scarface is one of my favorite movies ever. And Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown from New Jack City because he had so many quotable lines! “G Money, if hes not who he says he is I’m gonna kill him and then I’m gonna kill you”. COLD!

Zac: Oh hands down its GLaDOS all day every day.   In fact, just delete all the other guys’ answers, because they are flat WRONG.  She’s incredibly cruel, while also being hysterical.  Plus, she promised me cake but it turned out to be a lie.

If you had to marry one of the other Vanessa House guys, who it would it be?

A: Evan Smith-I think he would be a gentle lover. Nick would be side piece though.

E: Nick. He is kind and has a gentle touch.

J: Nick, he such a gentleman.

N: I REALLY don’t want to answer this question. But if I absolutely do, Zac. We are both a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. So our house would be beyond clean all the time. And that’s everything I could ever ask for.

Z: Well I guess Andrew out of convenience, since he is at my house everyday already.  Would this be like an open type arrangement?  Because I think Justin would treat me the best and potentially counter any of Andrew’s rage problems.

What is your spirit animal?

A: Capybara-largest rodent in the world. Yeah I may be a rodent, but I am rule the rodents. Also they are very gregarious according to Wikipedia and I fit that.

E: A hermit crab. Is this interview over yet?

J: Jackalope, a true majestic beast.

N: Liger

Z: Probably like an angry walrus or something.  It needs to be an animal that is easily irritable and whose purpose within the ecosystem in not entirely clear.  I’m sure I just pissed off several dozen walrus enthusiast though, so I’m open to suggestions here.

What was your first job?

A: Jones Theatre in Shawnee Oklahoma.

E: I worked at the the University of Oklahoma Biological Station for a field botany and zoology camp for OU’s pre-collegiate program. 

J: Working the concession at the Cinema Centre 8 in Shawnee, OK slinging popcorn and milk duds.

N: Referee for childrens basketball games.

Z: Chief Executive Popcorn Officer at Jones Theatres.  They are still reeling from my departure, however, so let’s not reach out to them to confirm the title.

Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

A: T U R T L E POWER! (think the theme song from the first live action film)

E: Michael Bay has successfully ruined both of these franchises equally. Although I used to prefer TMNT.

J: TMNT. Turtle power!

N: TMNT all day!

Z: Tough call, but I am going with the Turtles.  Turtles (especially humanoid ones) have souls, while I am not convinced that Transformers do.  And don’t throw out Metalhead at me as if that somehow negates my argument, because we all know he was created by Krang and remains a huge liability for the Turtles.

What is your favorite Samuel L. Jackson movie?

A: Got to be Pulp Fiction right.

E: Pulp Fiction

J: Die Hard with a Vengeance


Z: Ok I am going to immediately throw out Pulp Fiction (I’m sure one of the other guys will include it) and any Marvel film (since he only has a small part in them).  Juice?  That was a good one.

What’s the best halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

A: I wore a child’s Spider-Man suit as an adult once, it was form fitting to say the least.

E: The one everyone seemed to like the best was when I was Wayne from Wayne’s World.

J: My ghostbusters costume complete with proton pack (ghosts not included)

N: Blankman

Z: I have the body and temperament that makes me a first-rate Peter Griffin.

If you wrote a romance novel, what would it be called?

A: ‘Uneven Sheets: A Journey into Awkward Eroticism.’

E: ‘Is it ok if I touch you there?’

J: ’49 shades of Awkward: the legend of the Big Awkward’

N: ‘Chocolate Confessions’

Z: ‘Seasoning the Brisket’

As much as I want ‘Seasoning the Brisket’ be the final words in this post, I have to thank the guys at Vanessa House for answering our questions, meeting us for a 401k at Slaughter’s Hall last week, and generally being fun dudes to chat with at the bar. Make sure to check out the various events they’ll be having in OKC and Tulsa, and pick up some 401k at your local beer store.

Ok fine. ‘Seasoning the Brisket’

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