Review: American Solera Peach Fellowship

The newest member release from Tulsa’s American Solera, the Peach Fellowship, released a couple of weeks back and Kris and I pick up our allotments upon our visit. We were very intrigued to see what American Solera would do with a boatload of peaches, some sour ale and a couple of barrels.

Company: American Solera

Location: Tulsa, OK, Brewed and Barreled at Prairie Artisan Ales

ABV: 5.6% ABV

Style/Description: Sour Ale Aged In Oak Barrels with Peaches

Price: $14.00 per 375 ml

Appearance: Lightly copper straw pour, no head or lace. Very slow rising bubbles.

Nose: Musty peaches, spicy and tart on the nose, with citrus peel and hay.

Taste: The peach comes through loud and clear, with some mild funky sour notes. Some vinous flavors, dry Chardonnay, so perhaps it’s the oak barrels. The barrel character is mild but present, lending some depth to the dominant peaches. The body is light and dry, crisp with a mild but fizzy carb.

Finish: Crisp and clean finish, with a pleasant fuzzy peach coating.

Overall: Big time peach flavor dominates and excels, an amazing amount of delicate peach flavor comes through in the beer. It’s delicious right now, I would drink it immediately, though some interesting sour flavors may emerge as the peach drops out. Excellent.

Rating: 4.5/5

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