Kris’ Dry January: Day 1

It’s New Years Day and I just woke up from 12 hours of restless, drunken sleep. To be completely honest I’m not a fan of getting drunk. I obviously love drinking delicious things, but I try to keep them spread out enough so they don’t pile up in my brain and turn me into an ultra hug monster. Last night, however, I went balls out for New Years Eve. Kate and I were just hanging out at home (I don’t like to go out anymore on NYE because of the crazies) and I drank all the things that I love. ALL THE THINGS. We started out with a fresh cans of Little Blue Pils and Everything Rhymes with Orange from Roughtail Brewing then shit got real when we opened bottle of Poterie from The Bruery. From there we went with some Old Weller Antique for a while before making a batch of Old Fashioned cocktails. Ultimately we ended with champagne cocktails before ringing in the new year with what was left of my consciousness.

Again, I don’t normally enjoy doing that, but it was a last hurrah of sorts as I’ve realized it’s time for some lifestyle changes so I can drop a few (closer to 50) pounds and be healthier overall. Along with better eating habits and working some exercise into my routine, I’ve made the a big decision that may impact my day to day life more than any other and will hopefully help see better results early on.

I’m not going to touch a drop of alcohol for the entire month of January.

I’ve thought about this before as a friend of mine did a dry month last year, but I’ve always used this website as an excuse to not do it. Well you know what? Screw it. I’ll just change things up and write about NOT drinking things. Fun, right? Plus, I’ve got a few reviews and things stocked up so we’ll be good on that front.

So far I know of two other people who are super into booze that are doing dry Januarys, Micki, who works at Prairie and actually inspired me to try it this month, and Paul, a fellow Whiskey Catfish. So at least I’m not alone and have other people to commiserate with.

I plan on writing a small series of posts about this little experiment as the month progresses, not because I feel like anyone should read it, but more to hold myself accountable. I’m already realizing how difficult it’ll be as I’m thinking of things we have planned this month. For example, we are going to Colorado for a wedding in two weeks. No drinking in Colorado? That’s going to suck.

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5 thoughts on “Kris’ Dry January: Day 1

  1. I am actually wanting to do this but am too much of a “cave in” person to stick with it! But you might just be the inspiration I need. Can’t wait to see how the month goes for you! Good luck!

    1. You should do it! I kept finding excuses not to (bottle shares, Colorado, etc.) but there will always be something going on. Just have to pick a time frame and stick to it.

  2. Last June, I gave up alcohol (along with many other things) for 30 days. Definitely not easy but holy cow was it worth it! As you may know, I am now drinking beer and other adult beverages again.. but I have learned moderation, and SOB it works like a charm! Keep up the good work and let me know if you need a very short and quick but motivational speech to keep you on this journey.

    Also, safe to say we will have to have our beerventure get-together in the month of February! You should be quite the alchy light weight by then.

    -P // Making It Grain

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