Kris’ Dry January: Day 15

I’m surrounded by temptation.

Right now I’m sitting in a comfy recliner in our Airbnb in south Denver, watching as peaceful snow falls outside of the window. I’ve got a nice blanket keeping me warm along with two dogs and a nice big, barrel aged stout. Alright, that last thing isn’t true, but I do have a bottle of water, so that’s something.

Colorado is NOT an easy place to avoid drinking as I’m completely surrounded by amazing breweries. The only place that would be worse is Kentucky. Within a couple miles of where I sit now are places like Crooked Stave and Epic Brewing, probably filled with happy people drinking delicious beer while they smile, laugh, and love each other. Jerks.

To be completely honest, when I decided to do this Dry January thing I totally forgot about this trip, but because I made such a big deal out of it I couldn’t back out and am now forced to stay strong. Last night Kate and I had date night in the RiNo district where I watched as she enjoyed amazing things like fancy cocktails, a pour of 2015 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch (one of my all-time favorites), and an entire flight of red brews at Black Shirt Brewing Co.

I may have snuck a whiff or two of her whiskey and beers, but I didn’t take a single sip, I promise.

The only thing that is making all of this worth while is the fact that I’m avoiding a dicklod of calories by not boozing it up which is allowing me to cheat just a little bit on my diet whilst on this trip. The Denver Biscuit Company knows what I’m talking about.

Oh, wait, there’s one more thing that makes it worth while: Kate feels like total crap today and I feel awesome! I was able to eat my whole brunch at Linger this morning with no problems, unlike someone else I know. Take that, hungover people of the world!

Tonight we have a wedding to attend, the reason we are on this little trip in the first place, and once that has come to a close I will have survived the majority of January’s temptations. Only the Elk Valley beer releases will remain. While standing in line to buy beer I can’t immediately drink won’t be awesome, I can’t imagine it will be any more difficult than all the liquor store shopping we did yesterday here in Colorado. We bought so many things that I can’t touch for two more weeks.

So, tomorrow we’ll head back home as long as the weather cooperates. We’ll load up the cellar full of our new beer and make room for the new bottles of whiskey that will be joining the collection…then I’ll just look at it all while I slowly sip a glass of water and think about life.

16 more days. Just 16 more days.

Until next time…

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