Old Forester Single Barrel Oklahoma Edition 2016

I reviewed last year’s (2015) Oklahoma Edition, and didn’t think much of it.  So, I’m going to give this year’s a try with an open mind.  I had this one sitting around for a bit, and am getting off my lazy ass to actually review something!

Last year’s barrel was  #1, location Warehouse L.

This year’s barrel is #2?  location floor 7, Warehouse J.

Company: Brown-Foreman

Distillery: Brown-Foreman

Location: Shively, KY

Mash bill: 72% corn/18% rye/10% barely

Age: NAS

ABV: 45% (90 proof)

Released: Limited.

Price: $30

Color: Golden Blonde

Nose: Cherry, raspberry, maple syrup, oak, some sort of artificial candy smell, like a fruit roll up almost.

Taste: Dryer than expected, I was expecting it to be sweeter with that nose.  There is a bitter white sugar flavor, tobacco, bitter cherry, some other bitter fruit I can’t pinpoint, and a little bit of caramel and vanilla.

Finish: Medium finish that doesn’t linger around for too long, leaves your throat slightly warm with a fairly dry, bitterness on your tongue.

Overall: I’m thoroughly enjoying this Bourbon, the balance of sweet/dry is pretty nice, it leans closer to the dry, bitter side more for me, but I’m liking that in this moment.  It drinks pretty easy, has a thinner mouthfeel than I enjoy, but overall very enjoyable.  I could see myself grabbing this one to sip fairly often, though not as much at that 1920, noms.

Last year’s was $20, this year’s $30, if next year is $40, I’m going to be pissed.  I don’t mind paying $30 for this, but $40 would be too much.  I do enjoy the new bottle design though, much better than the old one.  The new bottles look pretty classy all in a row.

Level: Easy/Medium

Rating: 3/5

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