Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain

Here we go with Colonel E.H. Taylor’s Four Grain.  They have been releasing these specialty Bourbons every year for about 5 years now, and they haven’t disappointed me yet.  Let’s look into a bit of backstory before we get going on this review. “This special edition Four Grain bourbon is crafted just as Taylor would […]

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1792 225th Anniversary

Hello everybody!!!! I’m a huge 1792 fan, and I have overall really enjoyed these special editions they have been putting out. They did Sweet Wheat, Port Finish, Single Barrel, Full Proof, High Rye and now exclusive to Kentucky, the 225th Anniversary.  The only one we haven’t reviewed was the Sweet Wheat. Let’s see how this one […]

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Basil Hayden’s Rye Whiskey

Hello Basil Hayden’s Rye!  Basil Hayden’s was the very first Bourbon that changed my opinion and taste buds and got me started with the Bourbon bug, so let’s see how the rye stands up. This is a part of Booker Noe’s small batch Bourbon collection.  The bottle says it’s “aged and blended with a rye […]

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405 Brewing Company BA ESP

I had a chance to try this beer at an event last year, having been aged on peaches for a mere six months, and found it delicious. It turns out that they kept a barrel from last year, and now this vintage has been simmering in there for 18 months. Aged on a mess of […]

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