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I had a chance to try this beer at an event last year, having been aged on peaches for a mere six months, and found it delicious. It turns out that they kept a barrel from last year, and now this vintage has been simmering in there for 18 months. Aged on a mess of peaches in a Scissortail Bourbon barrel, it should be nice and funky by now. Limited to a scant 150 bottles and draft at the taphouse, they may still have a few left according to their website. Thanks to Jonathan for bringing me a bottle!

Disclaimer: This product was provided at no cost to Barrels and Mash with no strings attached.

Company: 405 Brewing Company

Location: Norman, OK

ABV: 8%

Style/Description: Farmhouse Style Tart Ale with Peaches Added

Price: $15 for a 750ml

Appearance: Clear copper pour, very light head and lace.

Nose: Very tart aroma, some peach comes through. Green apple and white wine, with a hint of earthiness.

Taste: Nice and tart, gripping, with fruit esters of peach, strawberry and lime. The bourbon barrel oak comes through early on, and mellows as the beer opens up. Much more sourness and barrel character in this 18 month version, much of the peach falling out and being replaced with a complex and pleasant tartness. Carbonation is low, nearing stillness, but that is necessarily a detraction in this style, and doesn’t harm the beer at all.

Finish: Surprisingly sticky finish, with bourbon and green apple lingering.

Overall: An ambitious project from 405, with 18 months of barrel aging on fruit, ends up with their most complex beer yet. Plenty of barrel character and sourness, this one stands up with the other top notch sours that are coming out of Oklahoma right now. I’m saddened that this is so limited, get down to the taproom post haste and pick yours up before they’re gone.

Rating: 4.5/5

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