1792 225th Anniversary

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I’m a huge 1792 fan, and I have overall really enjoyed these special editions they have been putting out. They did Sweet Wheat, Port Finish, Single Barrel, Full Proof, High Rye and now exclusive to Kentucky, the 225th Anniversary.  The only one we haven’t reviewed was the Sweet Wheat. Let’s see how this one compares to all the others we have reviewed so far

“On June 1st of the year 1792, the Commonwealth of Kentucky joined the United States of America. Barton 1792 Distillery is releasing commemorative bourbon to mark the occasion. This 225th Anniversary Bourbon is a one-time only release available for purchase in Kentucky only.” -www.kycapitalliving.com

These barrels chosen for this were aged for 10 years at Barton 1792 Distillery before being bottled at 92.15 proof. This proof is a nod to the year 1792 and to Kentucky being the 15th state to join the Union. The dark blue neck band on the bottle and back label are a salute to the official state seal.

Company: Sazerac

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Location: Bardstown, KY

Mash Bill: Standard 1792 mash bill, which is not stated other than being “high rye.”

Age: 10 years

ABV: 46.075% (92.15 proof)

Release: Limited, Released June 1, 2017

Price: $35

Color: Honey

Nose:  Holy bananas, Batman!  I got a strong banana smell as I carried this outside.  I get baking spices too, which leads it in a more banana bread direction.  Vanilla, and refined sugar, I get refined sugar a lot from 1792’s.  Kris says cinnamon toast crunch.

Taste: Hot, thin, astringent,  green apples and green grass.  Very hot and earthy, but has some of that refined sugar taste to it. It also sort of tastes like banana Laffy Taffy, which is my least favorite flavor. Sorry banana LT fans.

Finish: Medium finish, the heat lingers for a bit, with some grassy notes that round it off very late.

Overall: I love 1792, but this is a bit of a disappointment.  But, I suppose everything you make can’t always be a winner.  This seems like maybe it was rushed.  For $35 at MSRP I would buy this if I found it in Kentucky to round out my collection, but I wouldn’t pay secondary prices for it.  I just wanted more from this. Sad face.  Perhaps the next edition will bring us back to the good stuff.  I’m going to drink this quickly to finish it off and then drink the High Rye I poured to compare slowly instead.

Level: Easy, except hard to find

Big thanks to Tyler, @kentuckyfirewater, for the sample!

Rating: 2.5/5


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