405 recently hosted a four course beer dinner at The Abner in Norman, and while I wasn’t able to attend, I caught the tail end of it while hosting Bring Your Own Vinyl Night. The dinner sounded amazing with ceviche paired with 405’s Lime Tart and barbacoa stuffed peppers were paired with the newest release from 405: Yeah! Session IPA. As a consolation prize for missing the dinner, I drank a Yeah!, a hazy East Coast style session IPA.

Company: 405 Brewing Company

Location: Norman, OK

ABV: 5.5% ABV

Style/Description: Session IPA

Price: $5 for a draft, not available packaged quite yet

Appearance: Opaque orange or honey straw pour, a white foamy head and tight clinging lace.

Nose: Orange citrus and tropicals waft from the glass, mangoes and peaches with a light hint of pine and cedar.

Taste: Plenty of hop flavor in here. Some citrus and fruit as promised in the nose, but more cedar and resins that the aroma would suggest. The live in balance in the beer, the spicy pine and fruits balancing well. Slightly bitter orange peel, hay and a mild peppery spiciness underneath. Mouthfeel is rich and creamy, smooth. The carb is quite low, and while not unusual in an East Coast style IPA, I would prefer a bit more carbonation.

Finish: Pithy orange peel lingers, with some lemon remaining on the breath.

Overall: Nice beer, a very tasty choice of moderate alcohol, though 5.5% ABV would seem to barely make the cut for a session beer. My only real complaint is the lack of carbonation, and some of the delicious fruitiness of the aroma doesn’t make it into the flavor. That being said, this is a fine beer, make an effort to find it at your local watering hole of choice.

Rating: 4/5

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