Kris’ Dry January: Day 29

February is so close I can taste it. Taking a big step back from my hobby this month has put things in perspective. I’ve realized that it’s just that, a hobby, and one that I began taking too seriously. The fear of missing out (fomo) is a hell of a thing and with constant beer releases, […]

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Kris’ Dry January: Day 15

I’m surrounded by temptation. Right now I’m sitting in a comfy recliner in our Airbnb in south Denver, watching as peaceful snow falls outside of the window. I’ve got a nice blanket keeping me warm along with two dogs and a nice big, barrel aged stout. Alright, that last thing isn’t true, but I do […]

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Kris’ Dry January: Day 8

I’m still alive. The booze gods did their best to temp me this week with one of the ultimate drinking opportunities: a snow day. We got a couple inches of nice, powdery snow here in the Oklahoma City area on Friday which was more than enough to cripple most of the state, causing tons of […]

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Kris’ Dry January: Day 2

Well the last day and a half has been interesting. Yesterday was Sunday, and Kate and I both are off work today as well. We had nothing to do and nowhere to be, so typically days like these would be filled lounging around and sippin’ on delicious alcohol things. I would wake up, eat something […]

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Kris’ Dry January: Day 1

It’s New Years Day and I just woke up from 12 hours of restless, drunken sleep. To be completely honest I’m not a fan of getting drunk. I obviously love drinking delicious things, but I try to keep them spread out enough so they don’t pile up in my brain and turn me into an […]

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