Doom’s American Whiskey

If you would have told me when we started Barrels and Mash two-and-a-half years ago that I would one day be scrolling through a porn star’s Twitter feed while doing research for a whiskey blog post, I would have thought you were joking. Yet here I am sitting in Kate and I’s whiskey den on the morning […]

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405 Brewing Company BA ESP

I had a chance to try this beer at an event last year, having been aged on peaches for a mere six months, and found it delicious. It turns out that they kept a barrel from last year, and now this vintage has been simmering in there for 18 months. Aged on a mess of […]

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Review: Leadslingers Bourbon

Leadslingers is a whiskey from Scissortail Distillery in Moore, OK and its release is a collaboration with Article 15, a clothing company started by Veterans as a way to support their community its struggles after returning to the country they have been selflessly protecting. It’s great to see a local company team up with a company like that […]

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Review: Scissortail Bourbon

This is one of the few Bourbons/whiskeys being distilled in Oklahoma at the moment. For all the glorious information, you can check out the interview Kris did with the Garrett, owner and distiller, here. Company: Scissortail Distillery Distillery: Scissortail Distillery Location: Moore, OK Mash Bill: Corn, Rye, and Barley. He wouldn’t tell us the exact mash […]

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Interview: Scissortail Distillery

If you go to your local Oklahoma liquor store you’ll currently find exactly two Oklahoma Bourbons on the shelf and they both come from the same place: Scissortail Distillery. I recently spoke with Garrett, owner of Scissortail, about the company and its line of products which already includes more than just Bourbon, and they aren’t done adding […]

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