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Oklahoma is booming with new breweries, distilleries, and bars that are doing fantastic things to make the Panhandle State a better place to live. Barrels and Mash will aim to highlight these businesses and those who run them in an effort to provide as much support as possible to continue the expansion of the industry in the state.

Along with those working hard to produce amazing Oklahoma beverages (and places to enjoy them) comes the growing need for alcohol law reform. We will do our best to report on the latest news as Oklahoma leaves some of the prohibition-era laws in the dust and looks forward to becoming a place where you can actually buy alcohol when, where, and how it actually makes sense.

Here at Barrels and Mash we also love whiskey, so we’ll be reporting on new Bourbons, Ryes, or whatever else peaks our interest as new products are announced and hit the shelves.

If you have any cool news, new favorite Oklahoma beverage, or have discovered a local hot spot to enjoy a drink, pass it along, we would love to write about it!

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Booze lives in all of our hearts. We want to know where it comes from. We want to know how it’s made. We want to write about how it tastes. We just plain want to drink it.

The idea of Barrels and Mash was conceived to be a site dedicated to our love of booze, specifically bourbon and beer, and although we may focus on other topics from time to time, bourbon and local beer will very much be what we do. As we travel around the city and state we will try all the delicious bourbon, beer, or whatever else we can, report on where it can be found, and write about our experiences with it.

There’s not much I enjoy more than discovering a new local bar with a great bourbon collection, or finding a liquor store that has that one bottle that somehow nobody has bought yet, or seeing a wall of beer and having to problem solve to fit it all in my fridge. I look forward to sharing those discoveries with anybody that cares to read about them so they too can try some exciting stuff.


Alcohol can be delicious. Alcohol can be terrible. Here at Barrels and Mash we will research what’s good and what should be avoided, then pass our findings along to you. Bourbon and beer will be early focuses, but as we evolve we plan to incorporate whatever we are drinking into the mix and become a more comprehensive resource for reviews.

Starting out we will use a 5 point scale (with half-points) and will assign one overall rating for each review. As time goes on, we may decide to become more granular, assigning a rating to each component of the beverage, but for now we’ll start simple and see where it takes us.

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  1. Hi guys. I e-mailed you before an am following-up. I represent William Grant & Sons its dozen or so award-winning spirits including The Balvenie Scotch, Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s Gin, Hudson Whiskey, Tullamore D.E.W., Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, and many more. We have an event coming up in OKC, and I would like to send you an invite, What is your e-mail address? Thanks!

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