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Anthem Brewing Company is putting out some really great beers here in Oklahoma. They have a fantastic focus on barrel aged releases that rarely disappoint, and they bring some different things to the table compared to other local breweries that make them a bit more accessible to those that don’t want big and strong beers, but just plain refreshing ones (Golden One, Arjuna, etc.). This IPA is their newest ongoing release (it just hit the shelves in early June) and another really good IPA is something the state has desperately needed. Good job, Anthem. Good job.

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 85, per second hand info

Style/Description: India Pale Ale

Price: $8 (4-pack)

Appearance: Deep hazy gold. Nice creamy white head (so many jokes), and average lacing.

Nose: Not a super in-your-face aroma on this, but the subtlety is kind of nice. Lots of floral stuff going on here along with some pine and nice fruity notes…there’s a distinct pineapple juice aroma mixed in there that is pretty solid.

Taste: The pine carries heavily onto the palate, and those floral notes back it up. Once the burst of the pine and hop bitterness subsides, that pineapple juice thing comes back. Seriously, let this stuff chill in your mouth for a second and I’m telling you….pineapple juice.

Finish: The finish on this is a great balance of smooth but with lingering hops. There is also a great malty, creamy quality that comes up as this beer fades away.

Overall: This might be my favorite Oklahoma IPA. I’m going to need to do a side-by-side with F5 to make sure, but the balance and texture of this beer is phenomenal. I have also tried this beer on a nitro tap at The Patriarch and it was awesome. While the nitro knocks down some of those pine and floral notes, it elevates the crap out of the creamy texture on this and really puts the mouthfeel over the top (again, so many jokes).

Update: I was talking about the F5 vs Anthem IPA thing with the bartender at Whiskey Cake just now (Amber, she’s cool) and we decided to do a side-by-side. The nose is much more pronounced on the Anthem, and when tasting next to each other the balance of the Anthem really shines. While I still really enjoy the F5, it’s a little thin and too bitter next to the Anthem, which is malty, smooth, but still retains the classic hop character. Anthem wins for me right now. 

Rating: 4.5/5


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