Review: Marshall This Machine IPA

In a tribute to Oklahoma original Woody Guthrie and his legendary “This Machine Kills Fascists” guitar, Marshall came out with a year round Belgian-Style IPA.

Company: Marshall Brewing Company

Location: Tulsa, OK

ABV: 7.8% ABV

Style/Description: Belgian-Style India Pale Ale

Price: $10 (6-pack)

Appearance: Deep copper red pour, lightly cloudy. Low head with some lacing.

Nose: Some herbaceous spicy notes on the aroma. Grainy beery caramel malts, some mild Belgian esters.

Taste: Surprisingly, not much hop here. I suspect this may be an old bottle, but the born on date is gibberish, so who knows. Grainy, sickly sweet malts, hot phenolic booze and light fruity esters. Oxidized hops, some resins and grass flavors. Thick phlegmy mouth, moderate carb. The 7.8% alcohol is fairly high for an IPA, so the malts may be intentional. Thinking that maybe I had an old bottle when I was writing the review for this, Kris and I decided to buy another one at a different store. The taste was basically the same, probably from the same batch. I then tried it on tap at the Patriarch and while the hops were a little more pronounced and flavorful and the alcohol a little less hot, it still tasted flat and oxidized.

Finish: Beery finish, sticky. Some spicy coriander Belgian notes, but mostly clingy malts.

Overall: Hops taste quite oxidized, not much hoppiness left, with a malt bomb left over. Worth drinking, but I’d wait for draft or fresh bottle stock for sure. I got this as a single from a store with pretty high single turnover, so I’m a tad surprised this seems old. I feel like I did my due diligence to find the freshest available and it still fell pretty flat.

Rating: 2/5


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