Review: COOP Blackberry Saison

Another purchase from my recent Saturday stop at the COOP Brewery, this time a blackberry fruited saison, taken home in a 32 oz crowler. I didn’t have time to drink it right away, so I was a little worried about the carb. It was pretty foamy as it got filled, but Charlie Sheldon got a nice tight seal on the can and the carb held up admirably for being 4 days old. It was kept cold the entire time.

Company: COOP Ale Works

Location: Brewed In Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 3.2% ABW, 4.0% ABV

Style/Description: Fruited Saison

Price: $9 per crowler

Appearance: Pours a slightly cloudy beautiful deep ruby color. Light head and no lace.

Nose: Berry aroma dominates with a bit of grainy beeriness, some mild grassy saison notes.

Taste: Very similar to the raspberry saison, but fruitier and predictably less tangy and tart. Sweet berries, blackberry of course, strawberries and peaches. The spicy saison tones are less defined in this one compared to the raspberry, with only the slightest hint of earth and funk. Reminds me of a lighter version of the flavored and sweetened “lambics” like Lindemans. I’m not throwing shade here, Cantillon they are certainly not, but tasty none the less. Light and crisp, drinkable and refreshing with a moderate carb and light dry body.

Finish: Crisp finish, with some of the sticky fruity sweetness remaining.

Overall: I love when a brewery branches out a bit and tries something new, especially when turning the lemons of Oklahoma beer laws into blackberry flavored lemonade. While I prefer the tangier funkier Raspberry Saison, this one still satisfies and is certainly worth making a point to pick up. The crowler held the carb well over the course of a couple of days, mine being only slightly less carbonated than at the brewery. I look forward to more fruited COOP brews in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5


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