Review: 405 Trae P.A.

I’ve been following this brewery since its inception and await all of their new releases. I may be a bit of a homer since this is Norman’s craft brewery, and I was in Cub/Boy Scouts with Jonathan and went to middle school with Trae! The glass in the picture was from one of their first fundraising efforts years ago. I’m very happy for these guys that they have reached the market to the fanfare that they have received. They knocked it out of the park with their Grapefruit Sour this summer, and looked forward to this release. I also love the clean, classic label on the 750 ml bottle, with line drawings of things that Trae loves: namely sunglasses, beards, disc golf and cigars.

Company: 405 Brewing Company

Location: Norman, OK

ABV: 6%

Style/Description: “Tropically Funky Pale Ale”

Price: $10 (750ml)

Appearance: Pours a clear copper, moderate white head and sticky, clinging lace.

Nose: The aroma is light, with notes of tropical fruits and hay. Some dusty, earth saison esters sneak in as well.

Taste: Pineapples and some peaches are here in the hops, with mild pine cones and grassy notes. Spicy saison hints come in towards the end, with just a hint of earthy funkiness. The malts are light caramel and slightly bready, and are balance well with the moderate hop flavors. Light body, with a creamy light carbonation, perhaps like an English IPA. I have the feeling that I know what yeast they used which may contribute to the feeling of English beer flavors.

Finish: Hops dissipate in the finish, leaving a pleasing sticky breadiness on the palate.

Overall: I had heard good things about this one, and was excited to review it for the site. A very strange pale, not at all what I was expecting. 405 didn’t need to hit you over the head with the hops for this one, and I feel like they used their yeast and grain bill to give the beer a simultaneous British and Belgian feel. The creamy mouthfeel and distinct caramel malts lead me towards an English IPA, and just a hint of saison funk gives a fleeting hint of Belgium. I liked this one a lot, very unique.

Rating: 4/5

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