Review: Parker’s Heritage 2015 Malt Whiskey

The Parker’s Heritage collection of small batch bourbons is a series of rare, limited-edition bourbons that are crafted in tribute to Master Distiller Parker Beam and his five decades of experience distilling whiskey. Each year, Parker Beam and Heaven Hill select a special expression of whiskey to release under the Parker’s Heritage Collection label.

This whiskey is the the ninth edition and a Kentucky straight malt whiskey. The barrels used were part of an experimental run of whiskey that was located on the fifth and seventh floors of Rickhouse Y in 2006.

Company: Heaven Hill

Distillery: Heaven Hill

Location: Bardstown, KY

Mash bill: 65% malted barley, 35% corn.

Age: 8 years

ABV: 54% (108 proof)

Released: 2015 annual release, limited.

Price: $99

Color: Dark Amber Gal

Nose: Heavy malt smell, with little cinnamon, light chocolate, dark brown sugar.

Taste: Burnt sugar with some heat, heavy oak, lots of vanilla, fairly simple but warm and sweet.

Finish: The heat remains on your tongue and finishes fairly quick, leaving me wanting more.

Overall: Overall, I think this is a little boring. It’s has some good stuff going on, but I miss the extra stuff if could have/needs. It’s pretty drinkable though, and I can see myself grabbing this to drink when I’m unsure about what I’m craving. It’s a little disappointing being that’s it so expensive, but this could be an excellent birthday or Christmas present for something who likes whiskey. Especially, if they would want something warm and sweet but without all the burn or heat down your throat. So, I suppose I have mixed feelings about it over all.

: 3.5/5


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