Review: Troy & Sons Oak Reserve

The Oak Reserve is Asheville’s Heirloom Moonshine Platinum aged in Bourbon barrels.

“Troy & Sons Distillers was founded in North Carolina. Because of the small batch distillation that they use, they admit to some variability in each distillation–in fact, they regard it as a stamp of their authenticity and they put a stamp with the specific batch number on each bottle.Their spirits are blended down with Appalachian mountain water. The name comes from co-founder Troy Ball, the (female!) master distiller of Troy & Sons. ”

Company: Asheville Distilling Co.

Distillery: Troy & Sons

Location: Asheville, NC

Mash Bill: 100% Crooked Corn

Age: NAS

ABV: 40% (80 proof)

Released: Ongoing

Price: $30

Color: Yellow blonde.

Nose: Sharp smell, very metallic/plastic, ethanol. So, probably the worst nose I have ever smelled. I can’t even come up with something nice to say.

Taste: Very bland, plastic-like favor, almost as if it was stored in BPA for awhile. Tastes like very young, and a little oak-y.

Finish: It has a bit of heat but dissipates quickly.

Overall: I’m not entirely sure that the bottle I’m reviewing is altogether right. As in, maybe something happened in the shipping process or something, I don’t know, but this bottle is not good.  I’m not even sure you would want to mix this with something, it’s that rough. Maybe I can give it to someone as a white elephant gift. (Ha, enjoy this really terrible whiskey! ?)

The Blonde is way better, definitely grab that one, or their un-aged moonshine because the internet says that is pretty good. But, the internet says this one is good too…so, I’m definitely perplexed.

I’m going to stay away from Troy & Sons for a while to let things develop a little bit more. Maybe, I’ll try them again in a few years or so. I’m super disappointed, Kris had to chase his sip with Wild Turkey 101. ? I couldn’t finish my 2 ounces.

Rating: 1/5


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