Review: Mustang Udderly Awesome Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Mustang came out with a peanut butter stout and just in time for the holidays! I drank this on a low key, post-Christmas afternoon with the fire going and the first snow of the year starting to fall. Peanut butter stouts have exploded around the country in the last few years, with a wide range of possibilities out there for the adjunct stout fans out there. Let’s tip this glass!

Company: Mustang Brewing Co.

Location: Brewed In Krebs, OK

ABV: 6.0% ABV

Style/Description: Adjunct Milk Stout

Price: $9 (4-pack bottles)

Appearance: Pours a deep brown ruby, almost opaque black. Light foamy head with tight tan bubbles, quickly dissipates.

Nose: Peanut butter and roasted malts dominate, with a sweet dusty chocolate aroma.

Taste: Definite notes of peanut butter and chocolate, with some roasted nutty espresso flavors. Milk chocolate and sweet caramel, some vanilla notes. The creamy dessert notes fly out for just a second on the way down the palate, leaving a strange and off-putting tangy flavor. I usually describe this as “homebrewy”. This flavor quickly leaves, bringing in the more palatable notes on the finish. The tangy, off flavors soften as the beer approaches room temperature. Mouthfeel and body are a tad thin, though bolstered by the lactose of the milk stout, but still leave me wanting a thicker brew. Mild appropriate carbonation.

Finish: Long somewhat artificial peanut butter and chocolate flavors remain on the palate in the finish, like a just ate a Christmas cookie. Speaking of which, I have a lot of leftover Christmas cookies to eat.

Overall: I generally enjoy adjunct stouts. I like a good coffee, chocolate or vanilla stout. My other ratings back this up. I appreciate Oklahoma’s first foray into the growing peanut butter stout market, but this one falls a little short of the mark. This feels like a homebrew that your talented homebrewer friend would make with a lot of peanut butter powder. I think this would definitely be helped by a larger grain bill and a little more booze to cut some of the peanut butter flavoring. An imperial version is hopefully on the way. A nice beer, would pair well with a dessert course of pie or cookies.

Rating: 2.5/5



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