Anthem Brandy Barrel Uroburos Batch 1 and Batch 2 Vertical

The new batch of Brandy Barrel Uroboros just hit the shelves this week, so we anxiously busted a bottle of last year’s release out of the cellar and got to drinking! Last year this release out shined the Bourbon barrel variation (which is crazy for me to say, but it’s true) so we were pumped to crack these suckers open and see how Batch 2 stack up. Kate and I parked ourselves on the picnic table in our back yard and took full advantage of this 70+ degree February day. Drinky time.

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: ?

Style/Description: Stout aged in Brandy Barrels

Price: $12 (750 ml bottle)

Appearance: Both pour an opaque black with Batch 1 having light tan foam and Batch 2 rocking a large, fluffy tan head.

Nose: Batch 1 is boozy, malty, and roasty with huge Brandy notes, sweet grape, and loads of barrel-y caramel things. Batch 2 has a light aroma with roasted coffee, a small amount of Brandy sweetness, overall a subtle, somewhat thin vibe.

Taste: Batch 1, like the aroma, is super boozy with Brandy, caramel, oak, chocolate, and coffee. Batch 2 is much thinner with very little booze or barrel character. There is some roasty malts, dark chocolate, and some bitter coffee in the background.

Finish: Batch 1 ends on a smooth, velvety note with rich chocolate and caramel coating your mouth bits. Batch 2 ends on a crisper note with milk chocolate and tart coffee with a bit of an overall bitter quality.

Overall: Batch 1 kills it here. The balance is crazy with tons of complexity and delicious booziness. While this bottle has obviously been hanging out for a year, we remember loving this release when it was fresh, and Batch 2 just isn’t bringing back that same emotion. It’s much thinner and we’re struggling to find the barrel on this one, which has to mean that they reused the barrels (this is unverified, but seems to be the case). We’ll cellar one and see how it goes, but it’s probably not going to get to where it needs to be.

Ratings: Batch 1 – 4/5, Batch 2 – 2/5 


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