Repeal Day with The CBAO at Oak & Ore

Next Thursday, April 7th, marks repeal day here in Oklahoma. It’s crazy to think that Prohibition lasted until 1959 in this state, and on the 57th anniversary of that great day there will be some cool things going down at Oak & Ore in the Plaza district. The Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma will be holding a Legislator Call To Action and Voter Registration Drive at the OKC beer spot in an effort to further bend the ears of Oklahoma legislators and further advancing the push for alcohol law modernization in the state. 

Oak & Ore will be serving the Collaboration for Legislation beer that was announced at the Craft Beer Summit and selling CBAO Pint Glasses. Unregistered voters will also be able to register at a booth provided at the event. 

For full details, check out the press release put out by Oak & Ore, and we’ll see you next Thursday!

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