Review: Old Forester Single Barrel Oklahoma Edition

We’ve had this bottle unopened for awhile just hanging out waiting to be reviewed. Finally, I said to Kris, I’ll do it! So, here we are.

This is OK Barrel #1, location Warehouse L.

Company: Brown-Foreman

Distillery: Brown-Foreman

Location: Shively, KY

Mash bill: 72% corn/18% rye/10% barely

Age: NAS

ABV: 45% (90 proof)

Released: Limited.

Price: $20

Color: Golden Blonde

Nose: Plum, cherry, pineapple,golden raisins, very fruity (if you can’t tell.) Oak, no ethanol, little barrel funk. The nose is fantastic. And, get more caramel as it sits.

Taste: I was expecting a lot more fruit from the nose, it is a little grainy, but pretty dry and a bit of caramel comes out on the taste, and acidic lemon.

Finish: Medium finish, that pretty hot right on your tongue, lingers for a bit then dissipates, fairly dry, with a little funkiness.

Overall: It’s not a bad Bourbon, I was just hoping for a little more. The nose was amazing but the flavor I was wanting really wasn’t there. A bit one dimensional flavor-wise.  It’s probably not my first choice when it comes to Bourbon, but with those lemon notes it could be great for mixed drinks.

(What I really want to know is who tried this and decided, yes! That’s the barrel we want. ???) Sorry….not sorry. ?

It’s does pretty well in a whiskey sour though! There, found its purpose. ?

Rating: 2.5/5


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