Review: Elk Valley Le Ferme Apricot

My first beer review… Oh my God, brief panic has set in. Bourbon girl is taking a chance at writing a beer review, here we go…brace yourself.

So, Elk Valley is run by this super awesome dude, John Elkins, and he’s been churning out stellar beers so far. That’s really all you need to know. If you see an Elk Valley buy it! Try it! Do yourself a favor.  Your taste buds will thank you.

Right, what am I supposed to be doing here. Sorry beer nerds, if you haven’t read any of my bourbon reviews before. Onward!!!

Company: Elk Valley Brewing Co.

Location: Brewed in Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 7.4%

Style/Description: Farmhouse ale aged in oak Chardonney barrels with apricot.

Price: $7 per pint

Appearance: Cloudy, small head, light lace that doesn’t linger and eventually disappears. It’s a lovely golden color you could get lost in.

Nose: Crisp dry smell, definitely got some wine and apricot vibes, oak, I swear there is a popcorn smell too, and some nice grassy earthiness.

Taste: Bitter apricot, but not overly so, in a nice way. There is a ton of oaky-earthiness from the barrel which is really lovely and gives the beer more depth. It’s a bit acidic but I really like it.  As it warms, the bitterness wears off a bit and you get a lot more apricot fruit flavor, which is nice. There really isn’t a lot of sweetness here, more like a tart green apple. So, if you’re a sweet beer lover this one might not be for you.

Finish: Crisp, lightly butter finish, bubbles on your tongue. Leaves you feeling refreshed. Super easy to drink, almost too easy.

Overall: This is a perfect summer beer, plus throw anything in a barrel and I’ll probably like it. I think the Chardonney barrels really add to this beer making it more complex. I wish this was available in cans because I would drink the shit out of it this summer. Cheers!

Thanks for sticking with me for my first beer review!

Rating: 4/5

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