President of Krebs Brewing discusses purchase of Prairie Artisan Ales and moving the brand forward

Zack Prichard, President of Krebs Brewing Co. (and Prairie Artisan Ales), posted on the Prairie blog  yesterday and recounted his first interactions with Chase Healey and Prairie beers. In his walk down memory lane he discusses the first time he met Chase about contracting at Krebs, brewing and bottling the first Prairie Ale, and all the people it took to make Chase’s dream come to life. He touches on the purchase of PAA by Krebs last year, and his intention to keep the Prairie brand heading down the same path with the same focus as it’s always had. He also sprinkles a bit of a teaser at the end mentioning “new beers, new locations, and other things we have not even considered yet.” We can’t wait to see what Prairie has in store for us all, we hope that focus and vision don’t change, and will be all up over that new location whenever and wherever it happens!

All in all, it’s a very endearing piece, and it’s worth a read if your a Prairie fan, or heck, a craft beer fan. Cheers to morning news!

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