Review: 405 Cool For The Summer

Summers in Oklahoma are hot as balls. That’s why we all need delicious, refreshing beers and summer-y cocktails to cool us down and take the edge off. Trae and Jonathan down at 405 Brewing Co. in Norman are attempting to aid in that battle with the heat by releasing “Cool For the Summer”, a “simple beer” made with white wine yeast, limes, and spearmint. The beer was named for a song of the same name which appeared to have sparked some creative juices in Trae’s head, and here we are.

A french strain of white wine yeast was the only yeast used in the beer, and according to Trae it adds a complementary acidity to that of the limes and leaves the beer with some nice farmhouse/saison qualities. As with most of the 405 releases, this one should prove to be a unique and fun brew. Those dudes always like to keep us guessing at whats next.

Alright, enough chit chat, let’s do some cool sippin’.

Company: 405 Brewing Co.

Location: Norman, OK

ABV: 5%

Style/Description: Simple Beer Brewed with Limes / Spearmint Added

Price: $7-ish (750 ml)

Appearance: Hazy gold with a light, white head that settles down quickly.

Nose: There are definitely some classic white wine notes in the aroma like fruity things such as pears and green apples. The mint is also there too along with lime zest and a hint of funky dryness.

Taste: Just like the name would indicate, this is incredibly light and refreshing. Much like in the aroma the first thing I notice is the white wine acidity and saison-style spice and dryness. Kate said its like a minty limeade, which is pretty spot on. The mint is somewhat subtle and the lime and acidity is the star of the show here.

Finish:  This is where the mint really comes in. As the lime tartness and other things die down the mint really takes over which reinforces the refreshing-ness (not a word, I know, shut up) and leaves you with a super light and cool experience.

Overall: This beer has the perfect name for what it is, and completely nails what it promises to be. I’ll be stocking up on this for the remainder of the season. “Cool for the Summer” (the beer, but probably the song too if you asked Trae) will be a perfect companion to your hammock time, grilling time, or whatever the hell else you do when there are triple digit temps outside.

Rating: 4/5


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