Review: 1792 Full Proof

Out of the two 1792’s I bought (remember, I bought the single barrel too! And, reviewed it!)this is the one I’m the most excited for. I’m interested to see how a higher proof could improve this whiskey.

Company: Sazerac

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Location: Bardstown, KY

Mash Bill: Standard 1792 mash hill, which is not stated other than being a “high rye” recipe.

Age: NAS

ABV: 62.5% (125 proof)

Release: Limited

Price: $35

Color: Dark amber, ginger girl.

Nose: Cinnamon and baking spices, smells hot but not singing your nose hairs hot, oak, vanilla, butterscotch

Taste: Hello! Hot mama, mmmm. Hot sweet and spicy cinnamon like those fireball candies, very oaky, woody like cedar, a little grain-y, and a little earthy.

Finish: Long hot finish, super warm on my throat that lingers and lingers. But, not in an awful heartburn way. Sweet upfront with a dryer finish.

Overall: Well, this 1792 packs more of a punch than the rest of them, and it’s delicious. So, glad I found this dude sitting on the shelf. I’m a fan. And, a full proof for $35, I’m sold.

Level: Medium/Advanced

Rating: 4/5

3 thoughts on “Review: 1792 Full Proof

  1. Review is spot on This whiskey definitely deserves 4/5. The store picks are a great value in any comparison. Thanks for a good honest review

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