Review: Anthem Rye’d or DIPA Double IPA

Anthem tries its hand at a double rye IPA with Rye’d or DIPA. Right on the can they say they attempting to push the limits on this “radical” brew with “an extreme amount of Rye Malt” and “an explosive amount of Pacific Northwest hops.” Let’s pop the top and try it out.

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Urban Farmhouse Brewery, Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 8.3% ABV

Style/Description: Double IPA

Price: $9 for a 4 pack of 12 oz. cans

Appearance: Somewhat opaque copper pour, moderate head with tenacious lace.

Nose: Spicy hop aroma with buttery caramel malts. A tang of alcohol comes through due to that “double” in front of the IPA.

Taste: Very bitter hops mingle with peppery rye malts, adding up to a very aggressive brew. The caramel sweetness promised in the aroma is almost completely overshadowed by bitterness, leaving just a tiny hint of malt towards the end. The bitterness is a mix of pine resin, aspirin and a faint note of smoke. The hops soften a touch as the beer warms and opens up, but by no means do they release their domination over the malts. Mouthfeel is moderate, with a pleasant fizzy carbonation.

Finish: Surprisingly dry finish, with persistent astringency, a bit of smoke and faintly fruity hop notes.

Overall: I love a good double IPA and can definitely enjoy a rye IPA from time to time, but this one missed me. The bitterness was overwhelming, without balance from the malt or much sweetness from the hops. This was from a can, and since Anthem doesn’t date their cans I’m not sure how fresh it was. I’d like to try it again, fresh on tap, to see if there is more balancing character in there.  It’s been a minute since I stopped by the Anthem tap room, so maybe I’ll run by there and see what’s on tap.

Rating: 2.0/5



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