Review: Roughtail KDH Double IPA

Roughtail released yet another IPA last week, and a little early to beat the nasty weather that never really arrived. I missed the release but a customer at the record store was kind enough to surprise me with a four pack. Thanks Don!

Company: Roughtail Brewing Co.

Location: Midwest City, OK

ABV: Couldn’t find an ABV, there is very little info out there on this very limited brew. Probably around 8%?

IBUs: See above

Style/Description: Double IPA

Price: $15 per four pack?

Appearance: Pours a cloudy orange, with some light copper in there. Nice fluffy, persistent head and sticky lace.

Nose: Cedar trees are in full swing right now, so my aroma judgement is impaired a bit at the moment…but I’m getting sweet citrus fruits, orange juice and lemon zest. Some mild malt sweetness.

Taste: Juicy orange and grapefruit tang lead the way here. Hints of wood and pine, but really a sweet and unaggressive double IPA. Light body and the perfect medium carb leave just enough movement on the tongue to keep those Starburst flavors percolating across my palette as it moves into the finish. A tiny bit of harsh vegetals on the front that leaves quickly, and seems to disappear after a few minutes as the beer opens up.

Finish: Clean finish with some lightly bitter orange zest. A perhaps just a hint of bongwater…

Overall: Surprisingly light for a double IPA, and very low bitterness. Plenty of the fruit juice hop bombs that we’ve come to love from Roughtail. Reminds me a lot of Everything Rhymes With Orange, with perhaps actually more orange flavor? Definitely grab a few if they make it again.

Rating: 4/5

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