405 Brewing Co. Releases Brown, Taproom Opening Soon

Gather ’round, children. It’s time for some news!

Trae and Jonathan down at 405 Brewing in Norman have been busy dudes. Their newest bottled offering, a brown ale simply called Brown, rolled out of the brewery this week and should be available at your favorite booze retailer in the next day or two. Brown was one of Trae and Jonathan’s favorite recipes when they home brewed and marked their 2nd commercial release back in 2015. According to Trae they “weren’t thrilled with the results as we had to settle for a yeast strain that wasn’t our original strain.” Well now the beer is back with a new recipe and an improved yeast strain. I’m sipping on some now as I’m writing this and it’s pretty tasty. It’s roasty and malty with nice caramel sweetness balanced out by some clean bitterness on the back end. Trae refers to it as a brown “mild” and says that it “truly pairs best with a long weekend camping with fiends and playing truth or dare.  And getting naked.  Lots of getting naked.”

If you’ve never listened to Trae talk about beer I highly recommend it.

Anyways, in addition to releasing Brown, the 405 team is also working hard to get their shiny new taproom ready for prime time. After passing their final inspection from the City of Norman today, the current plan is to open the taproom on Saturday, February 25th (as long as ABLE approval doesn’t muck up the works). The taproom will feature between 4 and 6 drafts featuring 405 classics like GFS, Trae PA, and FDR as well as the new Brown and a taproom only 8% abv stout called Blueprint.

Going forward 405 is going to shoot for regular beer releases at the brewery every month or so. The first release is currently planned for March when 405 will be launching their Barrel-aged Barleywine.

Hours will be limited to start with the taproom being open on Friday and Saturday. We can’t wait for the launch and hope to see you all there!


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