I finally got a chance to check out the completed Stonecloud tap room last week. It’s open early in the afternoon and seven days a week! It also happens to be on my way home from work, so I imagine I’ll be stopping by frequently for a quick pint and a crowler or two to take home. The tap room looks great, very sharp and comfortable. They use the Digital Pour system for their menu, very fancy and interactive. Their crowler selection seems to be limited to 4 or 5 choices at a time unfortunately, but they offer house made kombucha and seltzer water as well.

Company: Stonecloud Brewing Co.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 40

Style/Description: Belgian Wheat Beer with Tangerine Peel

Price: $6 for a pint, I believe?

Appearance: Cloudy, nearly opaque orange tinged straw pour, light white head and climbing sticky lace.

Nose: Tangy and lightly bitter citrus zest aroma, owing obviously to the tangerine peel. Some moderate grassy spice notes.

Taste: Tangerine citrus juice dominates. Sweet with some bitter pithy tones coming in to attempt to balance the sweetness. Plenty of spicy notes as well: coriander, black pepper and basil, in keeping with the style and also helping to balance some of the sweetness and citrus from the tangerine peel. Mouthfeel and carb are both moderate, resulting in a silky, creamy feel.

Finish: Finishes with a slightly bitter and slightly sticky sweetness, leaving a pleasant citrus tang on the palette.

Overall: An interesting take on the Belgian wit, using tangerine peel, rather than the more common pairing with orange. I know, they’re very similar. In any case, I feel that the zest gives it a little more kick and bitterness to balance the inherent sweetness of the style, adding a pleasant layer. This one should do well with the brunch crowd. Oh yeah, the tap room is going to start serving brunch!

Rating: 3.5/5

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