Review: Stagg Jr.

Barrels and Mash has yet to see a 5/5 review (whiskey or beer), but that’s because the site didn’t exist yet when I tried the 2013 George T. Stagg. That bourbon had it all, high proof, straight from the barrel, complexity, and just an intangible character that made it so amazing I understand why it’s one […]

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Review: Poor Man’s Pappy

When I started up this site a couple of months ago home vatting was near the top of the list of things to experiment with and write about.  Well, I have done a terrible job so far of following through on it, but that’s ok, because there are awesome people out there like the nice […]

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Review: Anthem Gose

Another pickup from our trip to the Anthem brewery, a 32 oz growler of their 3.2 Gose.  I love the style, and look forward to trying out Anthem’s take on it.   And I mowed the yard in this hellish heat, so I’m hoping this chiller growler is going to help cool me off.  I […]

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Review: Anthem Upper 90 Pale Ale

Until the new laws take over, breweries can only serve 3.2% ABW beers at the site of production. On the upside, many of the local brewers have taken up the challenge and offer 3.2 brews exclusively at their breweries.  We have just such a beer today, from the folks at Anthem.  They were good enough to sit down […]

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Review: Iron Monk Milk Stout

Iron Monk is one of the newer breweries here in Oklahoma and they are hitting the ground running with the stuff they are putting out.  They released their first beer, Iron Monk Milk Stout, in kegs in February as the Stillwater Brewing Company LLC, but seemed to be going by Iron Monk Brewing Company these […]

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