Review: Four Roses Yellow Label

Four Roses Yellow Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from a blend of ten different Kentucky straight Bourbons, each of which is distilled and aged at the Four Roses Distillery. While five of the Bourbons are made from a mashbill of 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% malted barley (the ‘E’ mash bill), the […]

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Review: Pikesville Rye

Pikesville Straight Rye is Heaven Hill’s newest rye expression and joins it’s Rittenhouse and Pikesville Supreme brands in the rye game. If you know me, you know that I like a good rye, and to be honest, Rittenhouse is my go-to. It’s only $18, it’s 4 years old, it’s BIB, and pretty much any time I […]

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Review: Leadslingers Bourbon

Leadslingers is a whiskey from Scissortail Distillery in Moore, OK and its release is a collaboration with Article 15, a clothing company started by Veterans as a way to support their community its struggles after returning to the country they have been selflessly protecting. It’s great to see a local company team up with a company like that […]

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Review: Scissortail Bourbon

This is one of the few Bourbons/whiskeys being distilled in Oklahoma at the moment. For all the glorious information, you can check out the interview Kris did with the Garrett, owner and distiller, here. Company: Scissortail Distillery Distillery: Scissortail Distillery Location: Moore, OK Mash Bill: Corn, Rye, and Barley. He wouldn’t tell us the exact mash […]

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Interview: Scissortail Distillery

If you go to your local Oklahoma liquor store you’ll currently find exactly two Oklahoma Bourbons on the shelf and they both come from the same place: Scissortail Distillery. I recently spoke with Garrett, owner of Scissortail, about the company and its line of products which already includes more than just Bourbon, and they aren’t done adding […]

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Review: Town Branch

Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company is a very young distillery. The Lexington Brewing Company was acquired in 1999 by Pearse Lyons. They didn’t start distilling until 2008 when they purchased pot stills from Scotland. After four years of aging, the company started bottling and selling Town Branch. The distillery houses production for Alltech’s four spirits: […]

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Weller Showdown

Kate was recently visiting beautiful Lawton, Oklahoma for a work conference thing and decided to do a bit of dusty hunting whilst down there. True love is that feeling you have when your wife texts you that she is about to go from liquor store to liquor store trying to find something fun for your collection […]

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