Review: Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose

After a discussion about Gose with a buddy at work, I was given a can of this stuff that I had never heard of and told it was one of the best. I thought he just liked it because the brewery shares his last name, but no, this is legit. Here it goes.

Company: Westbrook Brewing Company

Location: Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

ABV: 4%

IBU: 5

Nose: Have you ever had preserved lemons? Thats what this stuff smells like. Super citrusy and salty on the aroma. Theres also some herb notes in there I couldn’t quite nail down until I actually read the damn can and saw it was brewed with coriander. I’m very smart.

Taste: Pretty sour up front…like, make you pucker, sour. Again there is a lot of lemon-lime citrus and salt that starts showing up after the sour blast fades a bit, with some bread notes going on in there too. The balance ends up being quite nice between the tartness and earthiness of the yeast.

Finish: As the rest of the sour punch fades, sweet lemon is what is left. Very refreshing.

My co-worker was right, this is some good Gose. My wife ended up drinking most of it as it’s one of her favorite styles, but I was able to steal some sips and I’m glad I did. We can’t get it here in Oklahoma (shocking, I know), so I’ll be seeking this out anytime I’m out of the state.

Rating: 4/5


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