Review: Anthem Gose

Another pickup from our trip to the Anthem brewery, a 32 oz growler of their 3.2 Gose.  I love the style, and look forward to trying out Anthem’s take on it.   And I mowed the yard in this hellish heat, so I’m hoping this chiller growler is going to help cool me off.  I didn’t get to this one for a couple of days, but it made it to the fridge quickly and the quality screw top growlers they are using held the carbonation nicely.

Company: Anthem Brewing Company

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 4% ABV, 3.2% ABW

Style/Description: Gose

Price: $4 for 32 oz growler, $6 for fill

Appearance: Pours a cloudy straw, with light head and no lacing.  Attractive bubbles rise from the bottom of the glass throughout drinking.

Nose: Light aromas, tart citrus and a light grain beeriness on the nose.

Taste: Nice citrus tart, orange peel and grapefruit. Some mild spicy herbaceous notes, a hint of pepper or coriander comes in with the fruitiness.  A bit of gripping pucker add something to the otherwise thin, low ABV mouthfeel.  Medium carbonation, lightly fizzy despite a couple of days in the growler.  Some pleasant pilsner type beeriness comes in as the tart dissipates on the tongue.  Not detecting much of the salt you expect with the style, reminds me more of a Berlinner Weisse in that way than a Gose.

Finish: Lingering Pilsner grainy beeriness dominates as it goes down, with just enough tart fruitiness lingering on a crisp, clean finish.

Overall: Perfect for a sleepy, hot weekend day, a reward I was looking forward to throughout my yard mowing.  Tart so you know that you’re not drinking a  pale lager, but with the crisp, light fizziness that I look for in a refreshing low ABV brew.  Hoped for a little more salt perhaps, but definitely enjoy its resemblance to a Berlinner Weisse. Pick some up for your BBQ, it’s very accessible for the craft beer novice and enthusiast alike.

Rating: 3.5/5


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