Blind Rye Showdown

I’ve been on a bit of a rye kick lately and realized that we didn’t have much in our collection, so we picked up a couple of things I’ve been wanting to try and instead of reviewing them one-by-one, I thought it might be fun to do a blind tasting since watching Kate do her bottom shelf […]

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Review: Anthem Festivus

Updated 12/27/2015: Tasting notes from 12/20/15 and 12/27/15 are below. We revisited Festivus a week after the original review and holy crap is this beer already developing into the delightful treat we remembered from last year.  Ah the holidays, time for spending too much money, over eating, and drinking lots of things filled with spices […]

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Review: 1792 Port Finish

If you’re curious about the original 1792, check out Kris’ review here. “The marriage of expertly crafted Bourbon whiskey and port wine barrels join together to create this distinct Bourbon. The Bourbon was aged for many years in new white oak barrels before spending another two years extracting the subtle, yet sweet flavored from port […]

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Review: Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 1838 Style White Corn

Woodford Reserve has released a different Master’s Collection expression every year since 2005, with the first being a Four Grain Bourbon. This year’s release pays homage to Oscar Pepper and Dr. James Crow by using white corn, obviously, instead of yellow. Due to the tools available back in the times of Pepper and Crow, converting the grain starches to […]

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Blind Bottom Shelf Showdown

I was perusing the liquor store the other day for something to review, and decided I wanted to do a bottom shelf tasting.  Then, I figured it would be more fun to do a blind bottom shelf tasting. So, here we are! Come on down, the price is right! A: Color: Yellow Gold. Nose: Very […]

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