Review: Dead Armadillo Hoppy Ending

A relative newcomer to the Oklahoma craft beer scene, this is our first review of a Dead Armadillo brew. Always a fan of Imperial IPAs, I’m excited to try this one and write up a review. I love the label, with a hop cone curled up into an armadillo shape. The label boasts of 100 IBUs, hopefully this massive hop load will come through in my glass.

Company: Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing

Location: Tulsa, OK

ABV: 8.5%

IBUs: 100

Style/Description: Imperial IPA

Price: $9 (22 oz. bottle)

Appearance: Deep dark ruby copper pour, big head and clinging, sticky lace.

Nose: Beery, grainy aroma, with present resinous hops. Some mild citrus notes, with dank herbaceous tones.

Taste: Resinous hops dominate, with woody, grassy notes. Grainy caramel backbone, thick and sweet brown sugar attempt to balance out the bitterness. Bitter and lightly metallic, with some CO2 bite from the high carb. Light body and mouthfeel, with fizzy carbonation. Bitter orange peel and lemon zest in there as well.

Finish: Bitter hops linger, with some metallic flavors as the caramelly malts wash out. Sticky and persistent flavors on the palette.

Overall: This is the first Dead Armadillo we’ve reviewed on the blog, and it’s not a bad effort. Not a particularly inspired IPA perhaps, but a surprisingly light and drinkable brew. Hop forward and well priced, with a snazzy unique label. I will look forward to their future releases, stay tuned to Barrels and Mash.

Rating: 3/5



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