Review: Jefferson’s Reserve Oklahoma Barrel

Jefferson’s is a non-distiller producer (NDP) of bourbon.  The company does not own a distillery, but buys aged bourbon from other producers and then blends the various barrels to produce a consistent product.

“The Reserve is the perfect marriage of four different recipes of bourbon, one of which is an elder statesman. The result is bourbon that, like Thomas Jefferson, is sophisticated, complex and unforgettable.” -Straight from the Jefferson’s website.

Now you know that, this bottle is not that, this bottle is a single barrel, specially selected for “Oklahoma Bourbon Lovers.” It’s batch number B-386.

Company: Castle Brands

Distillery: NDP (Luxco)

Location: Lousville, KY

Mash bill: Unknown

Age: NAS.

ABV: 45.1% (90.2 proof)

Released: Very Limited, gets your butts to Oklahoma to get one, or if you live here, go get you some.

Price: $58

Color: Honey blonde with some rust.

Nose: Getting lots of ethanol, some vanilla, and a little bit of brown sugar cookie.

Taste: Very spicy upfront, does have a bit of creaminess to it in the middle, before the fire-y finish.

Finish: The finish is smooth at first, but then comes back with a Fireball/Red Hots finish at the very end. This one leaves my gums and teeth tingly.

Overall:  I would be very interested to try a normal blended bottle of Jefferson’s Reserve and compare it with this one.  I’m guessing this one is a more extreme version of the normal one, since it’s all on its lonesome with no one to be blended with. But, that just a guess. So, only time will tell.

I feel like this would be a fantastic bourbon to sip wile sitting by the fire in the winter… I can picture it now… Can’t wait! The longer this bourbon sits in the glass the more it grows on me.

This bourbon was a present/surprise from my loving husband, Kris! You know have a problem when you start to receive “bourbon surprises.” Though, I’m definitely not complaining, so keep those bourbon surprises coming! ?

Rating: 3.5/5


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