Review: Prairie Christmas Bomb! (2016)

It’s the day after Thanksgiving which means it’s officially Christmas season. I spent the morning and early afternoon helping customers and pouring beers at Guestroom Records as Justin sold them many records. It’s really the only way to spend Black Friday. So now, after being on my feet for most of the day, it’s time to relax, rock some sweatpants, and drink some beer.

To celebrate the first day of the 2016 Christmas season, it seemed that Prairie Christmas Bomb! made the most sense, so here we are. Let’s do it.

Company: Prairie Artisan Ales

Location: Krebs, OK

ABV: 11%

Style/Description: Imperial Stout Brewed With Spices

Price: $8 (12oz bottle)


Backlit by the Christmas tree it pours a deep, DEEP amber like super dark coffee with minimal tan head that quickly dissolves.

Nose: Tons of cinnamon jump out first along with some minty things, coffee, and caramel.

Taste: Roasty, sweet, and Christmas-y as promised. Dark chocolate and honey vibes come in first quickly followed by dry cinnamon and mint, and a touch of anise. The texture is nice and silky with low carb which helps balance the bitterness and brings out the sweetness a little more.

Finish: The chocolate hangs around leaving a bitter ending along with nice notes of ginger and cinnamon.

Overall: Tastes like Christmas in Oklahoma. I got excited for this and busted out the one 2015 Christmas Bomb! I had left in the cellar. I got them both out of the fridge, got all set up in front of the tree, took some pics, then sipped the 2015 to find out it was full of yeasty sourness now. Damn.

Oh well, the 2016 is drinking just fine so cheers and have a great holiday season!

Rating: 3/5


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