STONECLOUD BREWING CO. Touching Cloth Imperial Stout

I was excited to see a personal favorite of mine up on the Digital Pour board, an imperial stout aged on toasted coconut. This is a variant of Stonecloud’s Turtlehead stout base, but aged on the coconut instead of coffee. Available in short supply at the tap room only, no crowlers, get it while it’s here.

Company: Stonecloud Brewing Co.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

ABV: 11%

IBUs: 60

Style/Description: Imperial Stout aged on toasted coconut

Price: $8 for a 10 oz pour

Appearance: Black pour, tight tan head and sticky lace.

Nose: Big time coconut aroma, smells like summer and White Water and sunscreen. Light roasty notes with some coffee and dark chocolate.

Taste: Aggressively sweet with plenty of coconut, vanilla and caramel. Tasted a tad too much like coconut with a bitter metallic aftertaste, so I suspected extract, but the bartender assured me that there is no extract used, just a ton of toasted up coconut. Milk chocolate and roasty espresso with sugar cookies and the coconut sunscreen vibe I mentioned in the aroma. Medium low carb, with a surprisingly thin body for an 11% adjunct stout, though I’ve noticed that Turtlehead is usually fairly light in body.

Finish: Finish is coconut rock candy, so much so that it burns a bit on the back of the throat like rock candy. My breath now smells like I just ate a Mounds bar, so that’s probably an improvement.

Overall: I love a coconut imperial stout, and this is not an exception. A few deductions for the thinness of the body and aggressiveness of the coconut sweetness, but overall a solid and enjoyable brew and definitely worth a special trip to the brewery.

Rating: 4.0/5

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